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tagged from nana and alien13

1/ Your name or username

GeNeRaSi MaLaYSia

2/ Left handed or Right handed
lefthanded ..

3/ Favourite letter to write

4/ Least favourite letter to write?
W kot..:Onion40:

5/ Do you think you are HOT?
tak baru pas mandi.. hehehe..

6/ Upload your favourite pic

7/ Why do you like diz pic?

bendera negara ku tercinta:Onion73:

8/ The last song you listen to?
wonderpet - versi melayu:Onion23:

9/ What are you doing right now besides this?
blogging, tgk anime.. :Onion17:

10/ 5 people I'm going to tag:Onion40:
sp2 yg mau sile lah ambil..jgn malu jgn segan...

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